Sea Salt Texture Spray 150ml



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The Mermaid Maker.

The ultimate surf mist for all day beach hair is here. We have unlocked a secret ingredient from the Asian tropics that will reach new lengths literally, promoting natural hair growth. Suitable for all hair types. Ylang -Ylang in our Sea Salt Spray increases the hair's ability to retain moisture, not only adding shine to damaged hair but also penetrating the hair shaft, binding the inner fibres and strengthening your hair. A combination of pure epsom salt and green tea extract protect and seal the hair, while rose oil bathes it in moisture.

Achieve volumised out-of-the-ocean tresses while providing your hair with softening nutrients.


For wet hair – Use to enhance natural waves and curls. For Dry hair – Use to add texture and loose waves. Shake well before use. On damp or dry hair, lightly spray from the mid-lengths down to the ends. Twirl hair for loose curls or scrunch for careless, casual waves.


Camellia sinensis Distillate, Camellia sinensis Extract (Green Tea Extract), Aloe barbadensis Distillate (Aloe Vera), Rosa damascena Distillate (Rose EO) Magnesium sulfate (Pure Epsom Salt), Sodium chloride (Natural Evaporated Sea Salt), Acetic acid (Vitis vinifera Source), Organic grain alcohol (Manihot esculenta Tuber Source), Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress EO) , Cananga odorata var.Genuina (Ylangylang EO)

Hair Condition

For all hair types.

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