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Minimal style, giving back to the earth.

Traditional hand-made bags from Indonesia. Profits from each bag sold will be donated to The Orangutan Project and contribute to buying back land, habitat protection and animal aid in Borneo.

"Known as the 'lungs of the Earth' the rain forests in Indonesia provide 45% of the Earths oxygen.

Fires are raging across 5000km length of Indonesia, the air is toxic and affecting the local people causing many health issues.

This is not a natural disaster. These fires are intentionally set by palm oil companies, to clear land of native trees to plan their 'cash crop' which is a cheap ingredients and unnecessarily used in cosmetic and food products.

Orangutans are only found in this part of the world and are now under threat of becoming extinct within the next 10 years.

If you do not think this affects you, IT DOES! Rainforest's are the single, greatest sources of the air we breathe"